This review is well over due, as I was a patient of iswarya fertility center in 2012. My husband and I, in our late 30s had been trying for about 3 years for our first child and upon moving to Chennai I went to see Dr. chandalekha. She is extremely knowledgable and experienced. She is also so warm and personable, you never feel like “patient # X” in her office. Her staff is stellar, very helpful, compassionate and interested in your well being. Dr. Chandralekha believes in holistic treatment and will give you advise on diet and exercise as it relates to fertility. He knows his stuff! I suffer from ovarian cysts and irregular ovulation. She put me on low fat diet, prescribed both non-prescription supplements and a prescription medication. 3 months later I was pregnant with my son who is now a thriving 18 month old. We have since relocated to another area, but if you are in the OMR Chennai area, I would advise you to see Dr. Arun and Dr Chandralekha. Why settle for anything less?



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