Best Fertility center in Chennai, India providing IVF treatment for Bangladesh couples.

Couples from all parts of Bangladesh, Dhaka etc have come to our chennai Center to do IVF. We are the top hospital for dhaka, bangladesh couples coming to Chennai for IVF.

  • One of the oldest IVF Centers in India  


Iswarya Fertility Centre is the No 1 and the most reputed fertility centre in india.

* First hospital in India to deliver frozen egg + frozen sperm baby.

* First hospital to perform IVF for a renal transplant woman in India.

* First hospital to report IVF for a breast cancer survivor.

* Woman with double uterus delivered twins

* First hospital in Tamil Nadu to start PGD / PGS.

Dr Chandralekha - Best Doctor Award Recipient India

dr chandralekha ivf doctor chennai

Dr Arun Muthuvel - 1st Infertility Super Specialist of India

Best ivf center in chennai


Successful IVF Couple from Bangladesh

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