IVF treatment for Mauritius couples – Iswarya Fertility center

IVF Treatment for Mauritius couples from Iswarya Fertility centre, Chennai, India

IVF Treatment for Mauritius couples.


Iswarya Fertility Centre is the most reputed fertility centre in india. We have done more than 25,000 IVF Cycles to date. The centre was started 27 years back and one of the oldest in india. We have dedicated Fertility centers in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Palani.

  • We are the First hospital in India to deliver frozen egg + frozen sperm baby.
  • First hospital to perform IVF for a renal transplant woman in India.
  • First hospital to report IVF for a breast cancer survivor.
  • More than 25,000 IVF Cycles till date.
  • Woman with double uterus delivered twins
  • First hospital in Tamil Nadu to start PGD / PGS.

We are having IVF program @ Iswarya Fertility Centre, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai & Palani centers.

You can come on any day of the cycle but preferable to come few days before your periods.

Transparent and Ethical Treatment.


Contact Dr Arun – +918883302999 (WhatsApp, phone, message)


When to come to India ?

  • Few days before your periods.
  • If you have irregular periods, you can contact us for dates.

How many days stay is required ?

  • 20-30 days stay approximately.

How do i fix appointment ?

  • No need for appointment. You can come anyday.

How to get Medical visa ?

Can I have direct doctor phone number to discuss medical issues before coming ?

  • You can. Dr.Arun+918883302999

Cost of IVF Cycle including Medications / Anaesthesia charges / Ultrasound Scans / Blood Tests / Semen Analysis + Semen Freezing

1,45,000 MUR


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