Hysteroscopy – Procedure, Cost, Steps Chennai, India


Hysteroscopy is a procedure by which we visualise the inner lining of uterus. Its used mainly before IVF


It can be done under anaesthesia or as an office procedure without anaesthesia. the procedure takes hardly 10 minutes. Camera is passed via cervix to visualise the uterine cavity.  The cavity of uterus is looked for to find if there is any septum or polyp or fibroid or any adhesions or any other abnormality.


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What are the risk and complications of hysteroscopy

Performance of hysteroscopy is like any other procedure associated with complications. Difficulty in entering the uterus so there maybe a need to dilate the cervix. Perforation of uterus and performing the procedure.  bleeding at the end of procedure.  infections also a possibility after the procedure.  Rarely this may lead to adhesions between the walls of uterus which is called as asherman’s syndrome. There may be difficulty in entering the uterus for which we may have to abandon the procedure. There may also be an aesthetic complications associated with this procedure.  there is a chance of air embolism while performing this procedure, hysteroscopy  which is life threatening.