PCOS Treatment – PCOD Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai

What is PCOD / PCOS ?

What are the causes / risk factors for PCOD ?

How will you diagnose PCOS ?

Diagnostic criteria:  Rotterdam criteria for PCOS (ESHRE – ASRM)

2 out of 3.

  1. Oligo or anovulation – infrequent or irregular ovulation. (<8 cycles per year or cycles occurring after > 36 days)
  2. Clinical and/or biochemical signs of hyper-androgenism. (Hirsutism, acne, alopecia,  > testosterone or > free testosterone)
  3. Polycystic ovaries by Ultrasound. (atleast one ovary > 12 AF and/or increased ovarian volume > 10ml)

And exclusion of other etiologies (CAH, Cushing’s syndrome, Androgen secreting tumors)

  • CAH : 17-OHP 2-3ng/mL,
  • Cushings syndrome: Sr. Cortisol >1.8ug/dL,
  • Andrgen secreting tumors: DHEAS, Testosterone, Ultrasound.

What are the different types of PCOS ?

PCOS Phenotypes:

AHAODPCOMHighest risk for metabolic dysfunction
BHAODHighest risk for metabolic dysfunction


How will you evaluate PCOS ?


Whats the treatment for PCOS ?