International Patients

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International Patients

  • Through e-mail the patient sends the complete medical history related to infertility treatment
  • All their initial queries will be answered by us
  • Cost of the treatment will be provided
  • Via e-mail or telephone, questions will be answered

Visa invites for the couple and other attendants who accompany the patients will be sent once the couple confirms the travel schedule to us

A detailed itinerary for the suggested treatment and instructions for the patient’s selected procedure will be communicated by us

Arrangement for receiving and picking up the patient from the airport is done by Iswarya Fertility Center

For initial consultation with the doctor, the patient is brought to Iswarya Fertility Center

The patient with him/her attendant is informed of the treatment procedure after an appointment is taken

Schedule in arrival, is the patient’s first consultation with the infertility expert.

All of the patient’s queries will be answered by the expert in Iswarya Fertility Center. The outcome and expectations of the results of the treatment will be discussed by the couple and the doctor. All the alternatives should be discussed by the patient and the complications of the treatment/ procedure should be understood.


Near its centers, Iswarya Fertility Center has dedicated accommodation. Depending upon his/ her choice and affordability an accommodation is selected by the patient.
To assist international patients with local information such as transportation, etc. a representative is arranged by Iswarya Fertility Center.


To ensure that everything is in order on the day of the procedure, patient will personally be picked up from the accommodation/ hotel/ guest house by personnel from Iswarya Fertility Center.
As per appointment schedule follow-up consultations are done and are a part of the treatment.
Also available are follow up email consultations after the patient reaches home.
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Good International Reputation with good success rates

Facility to stay in the hospital for more days
24/7 * 365 support when you are in own country
We arrange the best hotels and transport (Airport pick up & drop) for our patients
Customized treatment plans
Great support on phone, email consultations
Dedicated IVF doctor and nurse for you
Best international coordinators
Offering almost all advanced treatment options
No extra hidden charges, quick process and no unnecessary tests
We help you with Medical Treatment Visa facilitation

Treatment Duration
7 days
17 days
7 days
15 days
FET(Frozen Embryo Transfer)
7 days