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24 IVF Babies At Iswarya Fertility Centre, Madurai 

Iswarya Fertility Centre - Rare Feat

Choose Iswarya Fertility :

  • Best IVF Success Rate – Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai & Palani.
  • Consistent IVF success rate.
  • High risk Pregnancy care
  • More than 25000 infertile couple have been counselled so far.
  • Around 3000 Babies were born through ART Procedures.
  • More than 1500 Children were born by IUI method. Pregnancies by Oocyte , Embryo Donation , Surrogacy Treatment.
  • More than 25000 Laparoscopic surgeries & Hysteroscopic surgeries performed.
  • Complete care and stay for Fertility and Maternity Treatment till child Birth.
  • NICU facilities in all Hospitals.
  • IVF AT Affordable Cost in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Palani.
  • Cheap IVF packages for the needy.
  • Cost of IVF in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai , Palani. India

Advantages Of Our Center :

  • Pollution free enviroinment in and around the center.
  • Highest success rate.
  • All investigations and treatments under one roof.
  • Dedicated team of doctors and staffs to meet out challenging problems.
  • Elected group of egg donors and surrogate participants.
  • Protocols updated from time to time.

Safety And Precautions :

  • All patients are tested for infections like HIV , Hepatitis B , C and other communicable diseases.
  • For DONOR Programs ,DONORS are tested for all diseases and they are young and Healthy .
  • Highest level of ASEPSIS and Safety Measures are used in all lab procedures.
  • All the lab wares used are disposable from the most reputed Manufacturers in the World

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