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If you wish to donate eggs to help patients in need of it, call us or drop a Mail.

Why choose Egg Donor IVF @ Iswarya ?

Iswarya is credited with creating India’s 1st Frozen Egg + Frozen Sperm Baby.

Iswarya Fertility Donor Egg IVF Treatment Success rates are among the highest in the world.

  • Best Egg Donors with good quality eggs.

  • Egg Donors are tested for their Fertility potential, Infectious diseases etc by our panel.

  • Egg Donors with age less than 30 years.

  • Frozen Donor eggs to complete the treatment at the fastest time possible.

What Is Egg Donation?

The process that takes place when a woman donates her eggs/oocytes for any use by another woman is called Egg Donation.

Who Is An Egg Donor?

A woman who donates her eggs to another woman is an egg donor.

Donor Requirements For Candidates For Egg Donation IVF Who Can Donate Eggs?

  • Between the ages of 18 and 30

  • Have a BMI 19- 26

  • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods

  • Psychologically healthy

  • No family history of inheritable genetic disorders

  • No history of drug/substance abuse

  • Have both ovaries

  • Non-smoker / Non-Alcoholic

  • Physically and mentally healthy

  • Willing to take injections

  • Able to keep appointments

  • Willing to be admitted and travel every day for a daycare procedure of egg retrieval.

With Donor Egg IVF How?S The Chance Of Success?

From the statistics got from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology the highest success rate for IVF, country-wide, comes from the use of fresh embryos from donor eggs. Live births in women of all ages as a result of IVF transfers are Thawed embryos from donor eggs ? 35.7%, Fresh embryos from donor eggs. Comparatively, from non-donor eggs fertility treatment using fresh embryos, for transfers resulting in live births had a maximum success rate of 46.3% but this is applicable only to women aged below 35 years. In women over 42, the success rate drops right down to 6.5%.

What’s The Cost Of Egg Donor IVF?

To participate in an egg donor program there are various ways. To all classes of society, our program caters. To know more details kindly contact our team.

Can You Select Donors?

According to ICMR rules of Indian Government Donor selection process is conducted.

Egg Donor Process

The first step is to choose your donor once you decide to use donor eggs. To find a suitable match for you our Fertility Team will be able to help. With that of the donor, your menstrual cycle is synchronized. Until the eggs are ready to be retrieved the donor receives IVF stimulation. To help prepare you for the receipt of the embryo are Iswarya Fertility Specialists. Hormone replacement therapy may be prescribed for you. Once the combination of eggs with the sperm donor or your partner?s sperm takes place and an embryo forms, then the transfer takes place in the same way as IVF with non-donor eggs.

Steps in Egg Donor IVF Treatment

  1. Enrolling in the Egg donation program

  2. Screening Donor Profiles/ Frozen Donor Eggs / Egg donation Bank

  3. Synchronization with Donor and Recipient

  4. Donor Stimulation / Recipient Endometrial preparation

  5. Donor egg IVF / Donor Egg Freezing / ICSI

  6. Embryo transfer / Embryo Freezing

  7. Pregnancy Tests for the Recipient and Post IVF Checkup for the Donor

Pros And Cons Of IVF With Donor Eggs

As most women want their child to be a product of their own body, first they prefer to try IVF treatment and Embryo transfer using their own eggs. As the gamete belongs to a third party, this is not possible and this is the main disadvantage of using donor eggs. Egg donation provides a strong chance of success and hope when compared with the options of adopting or remaining childless. This process is made more cost-effective and certain. Using donor eggs, the high rate of pregnancies from IVF, makes it a cost-effective and certain process, mainly for women with premature ovarian failure/women with severe endometriosis/for older women.

Frozen Donor Egg Program

Also offered by Iswarya Fertility Center is a frozen donor egg program in which a donee receives an egg from a donor who has already gone through egg retrieval after ovarian stimulation by the time the donee chooses her donor. From the standard egg donor program described earlier, this particular treatment strategy has a different system of operation. In India, in our centers, we have had several couples from Mauritius who have undergone donor egg IVF program successfully. Tamil couples from Srilanka, too, visit us for egg donation/ donor oocyte IVF program.

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