One Incubator One IVF Patient Program

At Iswarya Fertility Centre, we dedicate one incubator for each patient. Your precious little embryos will have their own dedicated incubator for optimal development throughout the IVF process from fertilisation, culture and till their transfer into your uterus.

What is the significance of having an incubator dedicated only to your embryos?

Embryos are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, pH, humidity and gas mixture concentrations. Optimum development of embryos depend greatly on these conditions. Each time the incubator door is opened, the above conditions change for the worse. After the door is closed, these conditions take time to return to optimal.

If an incubator contain embryos from more than one patient, its door will need to be opened and closed whenever other patient’s embryos need to be put in or taken out.

By dedicating an incubator only for your embryos, your embryos are protected from unnecessary opening of its doors.

As incubators are expensive, IVF laboratories usually share incubators to accommodate more than one patient’s embryos.

At Iswarya Fertility centre, we invest in numerous incubators to enable each patient to have its own incubator.

The “One Incubator, One Patient” policy at Iswarya Fertility Centre thus minimises harm, and promotes optimum conditions for the development of your embryos, resulting in healthy embryos and higher pregnancy rates. Also, by having no other patient’s embryos in the same incubator, the chance of mixing up is eliminated.

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