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Iswarya IVF centres follow a very well standardized and systematic method of IVF treatment which favours the patient’s interest. Practised in a very ethical manner, a greater advantage of advanced technology is used for the IVF treatment which optimizes the success rate and thus makes dreams of millions come to reality.

Iswarya Fertility Centre offers IVF Treatments at its centres in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Madurai, Coimbatore, Puducherry, Trichy, Thanjavur, Ramnad, Tirunelveli, Erode, Salem, Tiruppur etc.

For all sects of the population, our IVF costs are affordable. With the type of IVF cycle costs vary. We have personalized IVF treatment, premium IVF, Unlimited IVF, mini or natural cycle IVF, and Sharing treatment plans. For needy couples, couples with previous IVF failure, poor ovarian reserve patients and dual stimulation in the same cycle for cancer treatment patients we give concession. For PCOD condition freeze, all protocols are being offered.

IVF- in-vitro fertilization. IVF is a process by which embryos are created after sperms and eggs are fused outside the body and the embryos are placed into the uterus. Chances of pregnancy are increased by IVF.

Why do you need IVF?

IVF is likely to be recommended for the following fertility problems:

  • If you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • If your partner has male infertility issues like Oligozoospermia, Teratozoospermia or Athenozoospermia.
  • If you have premature ovarian failure
  • If you have been trying to conceive for at least two years and a cause hasn’t been found to explain why you have not become pregnant.

Who Will Benefit From IVF Treatment?

  • Women with a tubal problem
  • Women with unexplained fertility
  • Women with severe endometriosis
  • Couples with male factor infertility

IVF Procedure

Consultation with an Iswarya IVF Doctor

Before treatment starts, you will discuss your medical history and the treatment process including risks and side effects with your doctor.
  1. Stimulation – After your baseline scans, injections will stimulate your ovaries to develop multiple eggs.
  2. Monitoring – Regular scans and blood tests allow us to monitor your ovarian response to the drug.
  3. Trigger injections – When hormones are at the right levels another injection will trigger the eggs to mature.

  4. Egg collection and sperm collection – Eggs are collected via a needle passed through the vagina whilst you are under sedation. A semen sample is required on the day of egg collection.
  5. Fertilization and embryo development – Eggs and sperm are placed P an incubator to fertilize.
  6. Embryo development – is monitored by a CRGH embryologist.
  7. Embryo transfer – The best embryo(s) 6 /are transferred back into the uterus. Any suitable embryo not transferred can be frozen for later use.
  8. Pregnancy test – The patient takes a pregnancy test 16 days after embryo transfer. Ai this s6ge we will arrange appropriate support.

Do’s & Don’ts


  1. Prioritise your health. Before you can work towards having a healthy baby, you must be fit first – both physically and mentally.
  2. Manage stress and address any challenges you may have by seeking support.
  3. Keep yourself physically active by exercising moderately.
  4. Sleep 8 hours every night.
  5. Keep your nutrition in check – a balanced diet is key and so is keeping track of your vitamins.
  6. Give heed to your IVF specialist’s advice.
  7. Take it one step at a time and be positive.


  1. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  2. Decrease caffeine intake.
Consultation with an Iswarya IVF Doctor.
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